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How to shop in Eurobooks?

At the moment there are thousands of book titles available in our bookshop and this number grows every week with news of world literature. How to choose the right ones for you?

When looking for a concrete book it is best to use our quick search. If this brings no results, fill in the provided contact form with all essential information (ISBN, title, author, publisher). Don`t forget to add your contact where the information about price and availability of your desired book will be sent.

After successful search or selecting books from our wide offer add it to your basket. If you`re finished with finding books check your selected items and proceed with selecting the way you would like to get your book. It`s easy, we ask you only for information essential for fast and precise processing of your order.

Using our services you can send selected books also to a friend by providing his or her address as the delivery address.

However, if you prefer giving gift cheques, those are available in 10, 20, 33 and 50 € value.

When shopping in our e-shop, registration is not necessary. However, if you trust us with your information and create an account on www.eurobooks.sk you1re immediately entering the world of benefits. Besides discounts and free shipment you1ll have the possibility to receive news about titles published in area of your interest.

Don`t forget that every e-shop has together with its advantages also some disadvantages. If you meet any obstacle restricting you from successful order, feel free to contact us on provided phone or e-mail contacts. We will be glad to help you overcome any initial difficulties by ordering.


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